Money Financing: Singaporeans turn to Authorized Money Lenders

Have you ever experienced borrowing money from a financial institution and got denied? Where does one turn to? A loan shark perhaps?

In our modern society, there are various associations involved in money lending, but in Singapore their law regularizes money lending. But what is the difference between a loan shark as well as an accredited money lender? Or what makes a Singaporean resident borrow money from a licensed money lender as an alternative to a bank?

Let us define exactly what a loan shark is, before we proceed.

A loan shark is a person who’s into cash lending with extremely high interest rates. Oftentimes, loan shark enforces repayment with all the usage of blackmail or threats of violence.

In Malaysia and Singapore, particularly in Asia, Ah Long is a slang term for loan shark. They provide loans to individuals who are not allowed to get money from any legal institution like banks. Most commonly than not, their goal are gamblers. The interest rate within their unbelievable and illegal money lending company is around 40% a month.

Ah Long will paint or write threats, if a debtor does not pay in time. Typically, the characters “O$P$ will probably be included, which means “owe cash, pay money.” Or the head of pig hangs outside a debtor’s house, which is a way of bullying.

Yes, they’re also in the amount of money lending organization nonetheless the only real difference is – manner.

They don’t do it like Ah Longs do.

Be detained by authorities and they want to make a great standing in cash lending, and would not want to frighten clients.

euro-427530_640What exactly makes a licensed money lender different from a bank?

  1. Small loans. Cash lending to small entrepreneurs or people who want payday loans or unsecured loans will be the target of the group. Money needed to pay electricity bills, gas fees and receiving your car repaired are some examples. Money lenders that are authorized aren’t a choice for large corporations or companies that need additional funds.
  2. Faster Trade. In the cash lending business, individuals understand how long the procedure in receiving loans from banks; as they will assess your credit rating. With licensed money lenders, since modest sum of money is involve, your loan could be approved within thirty minutes.
  3. Credit Evaluation. In the case of licensed money lenders, they’re less finicky about it. The reason to this can be they target people who cannot apply for a bank loan because of credit score that is low or poor. Obviously in any kind of money giving companies, you will find limitations. Money lenders must reject an application if:
    • A man has outstanding loan from another money lender
    • An individual has a significant or substantial sum charge card debt

You will find times where their wages is just not sufficient to cover all of the invoices.

Sumo Credit & A1 Credit are some of the more reputable authorized Money Lenders you can find in Singapore

Fixed Interest vs. Variable Interest: Which will you choose?

What if you were stuck between two roads? The first one is straight, unobstructed and with aligned posts along its path while the other is a bit wavy, with steep slopes and low depressions. Which path will you take? You might choose the first road considering the security and safety in getting to your destination. But you may also have the guts and try to travel the other road which seems to be a little risky but more adventurous.

Same situation is exactly true whenever you are stuck in deciding what interest term would land you to the best financial option you badly needed. Would it be fixed interest rate or variable interest rate? These two types of interest terms emit equal shades of advantages and disadvantages. How these two will work for your benefit actually depends on your financial considerations. But to at least guide you in making up your borrowing decision, you may consider the following insights:

InterestFixed Interest Rate Term

As the term suggests, fixed interest rate works in a manner that can no longer be altered or changed once locked in a particular loan type. Fixed interest rate is generally higher than the variable interest rate. Its rate structure is solely dependent on the creditworthiness of the borrower at the time of loan application. Since it is fixed, it conforms to the idea that the monthly payment to pay off the debt will remain the same throughout the duration of the loan life regardless of any possible changes of interest in the market. This type of interest term is advantageous to the people who prefer to have an equal monthly repayment which they can customize depending on their personal cash flow. It could as well be valuable to those who follow a monetary budget paradigm. Others will find it beneficial since it can offer a more flexible repayment scheme on a longer term. Borrowers who expect that the interest rate applicable in the recent interest rate environment will increase, can surely dig into this type of interest term so as to lock in a lower interest that will secure them a lower amount of monthly repayment.

Variable Interest Rate Term

Unlike the fixed interest, variable interest is a bit lower and is subject to changes affected by the prevailing condition of interest in the market. In choosing this type of term, you must bear in mind the possible fluctuation of interest or the rise and fall in cycles of the rates that will surely affect the amount you will pay for your debt. You must factor in the possible rate swings on the interest rate environment. Its structure is based on the condition of quarterly changes in index and the fixed margin of the borrower. Others may find it helpful if they want to keep a loan over a short period of time only. This is because the applicability of this interest term will work wise in a shorter amortization period where changes in the interest rate in the market have a lower tendency. This could be an easy gain to those people who are confident that along the loan life of their debts, a lower interest rate in the market will become available.

Whichever of these two interest rate terms you’ll choose, it is important that you weigh in their shares of boon and bane. You must look into the longer term perspective and see which of these two options will give you flexibility in repaying your debts without compromising you in the long run of the process.

BaZi Calculation – Chinese Astrology and Your Birthdate

What is BaZi?

BaZi (or eight characters) calculation is one of the two forms of potent astrology developed by the ancient Chinese scholars some 3000 years ago, which mainly tackles about fortune reading and character enlightenment. It mainly focuses on investigating, answering, and defining past and future events in one’s life by using his or her birth data. Calculations are accurately measured and interpreted for us to be able to forecast our destiny in every important matter of our lives, such as: family; friends,; outcome of established relationships with others; how we will have and acquire wealth; have recognition from others; discernment of partnership of any kind; how to make business grow; advancement, change, or career promotions; pursue of knowledge and studies; and other aspects of our lives. It can also be used to know what paths of life are in store for us in the future.

How can BaZi change our lives?

BaZi can help us make informed decisions in our lives, and with the use of the readings, we will have an idea of what lies ahead of our future, and also help us to conquer obstacles. The information acquired from the BaZi calculation can help us in devising path for our careers, strengthening our relationships with others, knowing our innate talents and exploring our potentials, acknowledging our weaknesses and improving them, and making decisions in the life that we lead by knowing the cycle of fortunes and misfortunes in the future. BaZi can also help us in understanding uncertainties in life, and can also help us understand the role of our character in how to live our lives fruitfully. Understanding when will luck be on our side would be very helpful in making a successful life and also, make us informed of the possible impact it can make.

How is BaZi calculated?

Before our BaZi calculation can be determined, we need to know first our birth data, which includes the year of our birth, the month we were born, the day, and the time, which is then, translated into pairs of Chinese characters. This pairing (also called as four pairs or pillars, or eight characters, or Jia Zi), has a corresponding yin and yang variation, which follows the five elements known to Chinese astrology.

Once the calculation is made, the characters are interpreted by analyzing the structure of the combinations, detecting clashes in the elements, uses of numbers, and other significant interpretations. Forecasting is done in relationship to the results, and these findings can be applied to almost anything in relation with matters of our lives, such as what was stated above. Calculations are then matched to a certain forecast of when you will be lucky, and also when to suffer misfortune. Uncertainties in matters in our life can be answered by using the calculations, and can help us in making huge decisions and reducing risks as well.

How reliable is it?

While BaZi calculation is very popular, it is not an excuse to mainly depend our life in the interpretations. We still must know and analyze matters with the facts presented, and have a distinct separation of what is our present situation and how it will affect our future. BaZi calculation is still considered as a pseudoscience, and we must know how to base our decisions in life with the use of our senses, and with the intelligence and discernment that is innate to us humans.

To calculate your bazi in order to know your destiny, you can look for Master Chan, a reliable Feng Shui Master from Singapore

Tips in Financing a Small Business: How Hard can It Get?

Financing a small business is definitely not an easy task. Even if you already have money to cover some of the expenses, you cannot start a small business if you are not 100 percent guaranteed that you can keep it running for a couple of months. Well, it would be bad if you will stop your small business after just a few months.

It is always expected that a small business will struggle on the first months of their operation and as the owner; it is your responsibility to make sure that your business will continue. Of course, a Singapore cash loan will always be a good idea, but it is not always advisable to rely on loans when you can find other ways to finance your small business.

Here are a few tips that you can follow if you want to make sure that your small business will continue to run and flourish in the future.

Product Presales

If you are offering a product, this is probably the best way to do it. You can offer your products locally before you decide to establish a small business office. Though this is not really a good idea if you are a service-based business, you can always do that by offering your services online. You can probably establish a small business soon enough if you start by product or service presales.
small business financing

It would take some time, but it is better than establishing your small business right away and fail to continue its operation because of financing issues.

Seeking Help from Family and Friends

Basically, you can only rely on your family and friends when it comes to money matters and if they have some money on them, they can be a great help in establishing your business. Unlike a business loan, you don’t pay any interest if you seek help from your friends and family. It means that you are only going to worry about the principal. Also, the time limit is not really an issue, except if your friends wanted their money to be returned as soon as possible.

The only drawback on this method is there is no assurance that you can get anything from them. It means that you can either get money or fail to do so.

Looking for a Singapore Business Loan

No matter what you do, you cannot rule out business loans when it comes to small businesses. When you need financial help for your small business, you can always opt for a business loan to help you out. If you don’t need a lot of money, a personal loan can also be a good choice for you.

small business lending


You have to remember that getting a loan will not be a bad idea if you are a business owner because this is what most businesses do. The only thing that you should be concerned about is the amount that you are going to get. You don’t need a lot of money if you already have some cash saved for your small business.

Selling Some of your Assets

You might have a couple of assets that you can sell if you want to finance your business. If you have a couple of machineries or lands that you can sell and you are not planning on using them, you can always sell them to get the capital that you need for your small business.

Again, this is not a bad idea because the money that you used will be eventually returned once you start your small business.

Establishing a small business will be extremely hard if you are having troubles with your finances so make sure that you are always ready before you start.

Simple Guidelines in Dealing with the Financial Problems of your Small Business

Small businesses nowadays are facing a huge dilemma because of the current standing of the economy. If your small business has not made a name on the industry until now or you are still in the process of getting your initial investment back, you need to be aware of the possible financial issues that you will face while you are running your business.

It is extremely hard to deal with a small business if you don’t have any idea how to handle your financial woes. A business loan will always be a first option, but it is not always required to get a loan when you suddenly hit a wall. Well, financial problems are unavoidable, but you can eventually lessen their impact if you know how to handle your finances, investments and expenditures well. Here are a few guidelines on how you can deal with your small business finances properly.

Think Before you Invest

Basically, every business owner thinks before they make any investment, but they are not thinking enough. If you are going to invest on machinery or there are other things that you need to buy, you need to be very careful, especially if you are buying them by getting a business loan.
business loan planBefore you make a decision, try to assess the situation and make sure that the expenditure will help generate cash flow for your business and pay for itself. If it is going to be a pure expense, defer the purchase. Don’t invest on something that will only provide you financial inconveniences.

Use your Budget as a Road Map

You are definitely flying in the dark financially if you are not setting up a budget for your income and expenses. It’s the same as not knowing anything about the cash flow in your small business. Creating a budget will help you maintain the direction of your business and it should always be updated on a regular basis in case you reached a smaller goal and you need to improve it.

A lot of business owners are not really tracking their personal expenses so make sure that you also look at it because there are times when you are already spending the money of your business without knowing it.

Always Look and Update your Debts

If you have a business, getting personal loans and other types of cash loan is inevitable. One way or another, you will be required to get a loan to make sure that you are meeting the financial needs of your business, but are you updated with your debts? Do you have any idea if your debts are being paid properly or if it is starting to dig deeper?

Debts are traitors and if you don’t pay close attention to it, you will surely see your small business in bankruptcy in just a few years. Always update your debts and don’t forget to pay them.

Deal with your Financial Troubles Right Away

Don’t run away from your responsibility because if you ignore your financial problems, it will only grow too much that it will be already impossible to handle. Never let yourself be overwhelmed by financial problems. You have to remember that these problems are normal, but they will get worse if you ignore them.

Look for a way to solve the financial problem of your company. Assess the possibilities of getting a business loan or look for feasible ways to find finances.

You have to remember that small businesses are literally small and you are only handling a small amount of money compared to larger corporations. If you are seeing your business as one of the big companies in the future, you need to know how to deal with your financial problems early on.

Common Money-Saving Tips People Forget

money saving tipsMost people ignore even the simplest and the most common money-saving tips because they are too fixated on the need to save cash from their salaries. Well, most of the articles on the Internet are suggesting that you do the same. It is great to save money from your salaries because they can be turned into emergency savings anytime, but it is not the only way to save money. If you have been relying on payday loans a lot in the past, you better start changing your ways.

We will give you some of the best money saving tips that most people forget because they are too focused in saving money from their monthly income.

Reduce Consumption of Electricity and Water

Most of you are probably laughing right now because you forgot that saving water and electricity can actually be a great way to save money. If you have been using your television a lot or you are still using your air conditioning unit when it is already cold, start thinking about it right now. If you are not really watching TV, turn it off. If the days are cold already, turn off your air-conditioning unit. You will surely see a huge decrease in your electricity bill every month if you do this.

As for saving water, you should always stick to the general rule. Always use a glass when you are cleaning you brush your teeth, turn off the shower after using them and don’t let the water flow continuously if you are not using them.

Only Use your Credit Cards for Emergency Purchases

Some people think that having a credit card means that you can make purchases as long as you want even if you have the cash. Always remember that spending cash is always a good idea instead of using your credit card.

When you pay your credit cards every month, you also pay for the interests. The interests that you pay can already be turned into savings so instead of using your credits on unnecessary purchases, use cash. You will surely see that in the long run, using cash will be more preferable than using your credit cards.

Some people even use a cash loan to pay for their credit cards. Don’t let your debt pile up and spend wisely.

Always Buy Discounted Items

Cash Loan SingaporeWomen will be very meticulous when it comes to buying items because they always look for discounts and great deals. However, men are not really the type to look for discounts. When they want something, they don’t even care if the price of the item that they want to buy is lower in the other store. Even if you are a guy, always buy discounted items because you get more value by spending less. Getting 20 to 30 percent discount on the things that you buy means a lot when you are buying them on a regular basis.

Cut Down Expenses on Restaurants

If you are eating a lot on restaurants, make sure that you lower them every month. If you are eating 5 to 6 times in a restaurant every month, limit yourself to about 3 to 4 times or lower. You have to remember that you also spend a couple of bucks by eating outside. You can save more money if you will just eat in your house and cook something fancy. This is very important if you already have a family.

These money saving tips are always forgotten, but now that you already have an idea on how you can save more money, you can prevent huge spending altogether. A personal loan can save you in a few occasions, but you will eventually drop them down once you already have a lot of debt.